Any purchaser prepaying either the 6 month or the 12 month Monthly Beef Jerky Subscription (found here) will be eligible to receive a discount at for the life of their subscription.

Prepaying the 6 month subscription on January 1st will give the purchaser a 25% discount until June 1st

Prepaying the 12 month subscription on January 1st will give the purchaser a 50% discount until Dec 31st

Your discount will automatically be applied to your account within 24 hours of your purchase with an email confirmation from The discount will automatically applied with out the need or use of a coupon code.

Prepaying a 6 month subscription as a gift will automatically give both the purchaser and the receiver a 25% discount. The subscription receiver will receive instructions on how to use their discount every month with their jerky package.

Prepaying two or more 6 month subscriptions will upgrade your account to receive 50% off at as well as all the receivers of the Monthly Jerky Subscription.

For example: You can prepay for a 6 month subscription for yourself and purchase and additional 6 month subscription for your friend, colleague or loved one and both of you will have the 50% discount for the life of the subscription.

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